As you can imagine, it is with deep regret that we are announcing the immediate
suspension of all our groups until further notice. However church services on Sunday and our Prayer meeting will continue to meet both at the church building and on-line via Zoom & YouTube.
The reasons for this are primarily
1: Love for Neighbour
Although we love to meet together to worship God as a redeemed and united family, and
are commanded to do so, we are also commanded to love our neighbour and to care for the
sick, the elderly and the needy. Meeting together at the chapel in some circumstances could potentially put
people at risk and we’d hate to cause any further spread of this virus. We should not
view this as an act of compromise, but as an act of accommodation for the physical
safety of members and the local community.
2: Submission to Government
Romans 13 and other passages call us to submit to governing authorities. The government
has called the whole country to social isolation to try and prevent the spread of the
virus, this includes gatherings like churches. Although this is not law, we as the
Deacons of S.B.C see this as valid reason to play our part in the safety of the
vulnerable and in supporting of the NHS.

However, none of this means that ‘church’ is cancelled. Church is not a building and
church is not a service held on Sundays. We as the church are a family of stumbling
saints who have been adopted into the family of The Father, bought by the blood of His
Son and brought into His kingdom by the Spirit. We have been loved infinitely by God,
and nothing can separate that love from us that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Because we
abide in that love, we are to share that love with one another and the people around
Let’s use this time to do just that. We don’t know what things will happen here in
Stowmarket and Suffolk over the coming weeks, but we know God is in control, and that
this is an opportunity for us as God’s people to put that love into practice. While
bearing in mind the safety of our peers, lets seek ways to support, care and provide
for whoever may be isolated in the coming weeks and months. The lonely; perhaps in need
of a phone call, or others who are in need of supplies and prescriptions to be dropped
We’ve organised a WhatsApp group to provide support for one another as
a Church and anyone else in need.
If you or anyone you know is in need of help or pastoral support over the coming weeks,
please call or text:
07858 947528 or just drop us a message here on Facebook, and we’ll do our best to help

Finally,  a livestream video is available via our YouTube channel so we can record
something of a bible-teaching service on Sunday mornings and evenings, so that
(although not in the same way) we can still as a Church be united together by God’s
Word. The link has been put on Facebook and the church website. For people without
a computer or smartphone other measures have been put in place.

None of this has happened outside of God’s sovereign plan, and we have no cause or
reason to be fearful. Let’s trust and rely upon Christ and his indescribable love, whom
no one and no virus can separate us from. – The Deacons of Stowmarket Baptist Church.